“The word Magick reminds me of my background growing up in places where ancient histories lay underground-literally. I lived in Colchester and Ipswich in Suffolk a county in South east England. Roman walls and a Norman castle built on a Roman temple are fabulous sources of inspiration for a young person who was fascinated by the past. In Ipswich, there is a rich history of folklore and what was described as “witchcraft”. Lately, my work is revolving around poetic works by Seamus Heaney and my automatism in making these circular disc pieces. I think that when working I am open to the universe. I am completely at ease with allowing things to break, flow, repeat, and meaning to emerge through the media and my ability to amalgamate the elements and allow the forces that be to move the work forward. The past, present and future are one. The Anthropocene is an existential current we are living in. Modern Magick seems appropriate in so many ways right here and now.”

Alan is originally from Belfast, Ireland and is currently a full-time Professor of Art at Dakota State University in South Dakota. He received his MFA in Painting from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 1996. He has exhibited his work nationally and internationally.

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