“My current series presents nature through a metaphorical lens, informed by philosophical, phenomenological and metaphysical concepts and perspectives. The imagery infers macro/microcosmic relationships realized through form, material and process. Additional interests in “non-ordinary” experiences, altered states of perception, mythology, and sacred-secularism have also informed my ideas and imagery. Over the last three years, this series has been a vehicle of reclamation and a way to move forward through the pandemic, climate change and economic uncertainty; the process of making “objects of organized chaos” has been an effort to synthesize disparate components into an amalgamated whole that resists definition, remaining enigmatic and in a state of persistent revelation. My studio practice is centered in creating interactive abstractions that are created through a generative approach.  I develop the images by layering water-based materials on the matrix and integrate techniques such as pouring, stenciling and airbrush on canvas and paper. I experiment with overlapping patterns, geometric configurations and ambiguous forms to inject challenges into my process as well as add compositional complexity. Each piece is its own kind of maze-like ecosystem, indelibly woven assemblages that exist as unsettled states in constant motion.”

Anne Rynearson is a Minnesota-based artist and curator. She received an MFA in Painting from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 2000 and has exhibited her work in painting and printmaking in national and international exhibitions. She has received recognitions for her work including two Minnesota State Arts Board Artist Initiative Grants, a Minnesota State Arts Board Creative Individuals Grant and a Jerome Foundation Grant Travel and Study Grant. Anne is the founder and curator of the ANAGRAM Gallery, an online exhibition space and Shim Art Network connector gallery located in New York, NY. Anne’s work is represented by the ODETTA Gallery in New York, NY.

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