Ms. Yanez’s latest work, DreamBox, is a project that combines watercolor painting and animation within an installation context. She describes this project as an “experience of being immersed in a dream, so the viewer can be into the installation. Some of the pieces projected are inspired by my dreams in a surreal atmosphere. I use the naive style that I’ve taken from my homeland. The decisions in my color palettes are saturated and oriented to the warm pastel colors that I used to be surrounded with since I was a child such as pink, yellow, red, orange, and pastel blue, taken from the traditional styles of some Mexican poetry such as bold strokes and colorful compositions.” She describes her work included in this exhibition as “images that are symbols of cosmology, magic, and surrealism. What inspires me is nature and the feminine subtlety. In most of my illustrations, I represent women from a mythological perspective fusing elements of their clothing or their physiognomy with that of an animal. I take the main characteristics of bunnies and cats or leopards to make a fusion with femme nature. My most recent practice has carried a very personal, sensorial and introspective discourse, working as a subject matter of surrealism tarot and magic. In my illustrations, I use the language of symbols to create a conversation without words with the audience.”

Ivonne Yáñez is an interdisciplinary artist and fashion designer from México City, and a candidate for the Master of Fine Arts Program at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design in Minneapolis. Her graduate study work includes two assistantships in the Arts Entrepreneurship program and at the Textile Center in Minneapolis, MN. She participated this year in the Folk Arts residency-Mexico in Minneapolis. Ms. Yanez has exhibited her work in Minneapolis galleries including the Fresh Eye Gallery, Gallery 148, and Gamut Gallery.  Her work is dedicated to creating immersive installations.

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